Types of Rats

There are currently only a handful of different types of rats available as pets. They are mostly found with a black, white, or beige coat, but there are dozens of colors and variations. Pet rats usually have a smooth coat yet some can be found with a curly coat or no coat at all. Below are some of the more common types of pet rats.

Dumbo rats have been bred to have extra large, wide round ears making them extremely cute.

These rats are completely hairless, can have pink or dark skin, and may have hair on the face. Having no hair to protect them makes the hairless rat sensitive to heat and cold.

The Manx is a tailless rat and is favored by those who feel a rat’s tail is unappealing. These rats need special care since a rat’s tail is used to regulate body heat. Without a tail they are prone to heatstroke in warm weather.

A rex has curly whiskers and a curly coat. The coat can be short or long and the curls can be tight or wavy.

The satin has coat that is shinier than those of other rats.

These are the most common types of rats found as pets. Their coat has no waves or curls and lays flat against the body.

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